Premium Cataract Surgery Expenses

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Medicare and all health insurance companies regard the development of cataract as a medical condition requiring treatment. All carriers will pay for cataract surgery when it becomes necessary because of vision degradation. Lens exchange surgery done purely for the benefit of lessening the need for eyeglasses is not consistently authorized as a health expense.

The introduction of intraocular implants that correct for presbyopia and astigmatism resulted in a review by Medicare of the cost of these lenses and their appeal to consumers. The costs are significantly higher than what was the standard of care, a mono-focal implant, and their popularity is great. Because of anticipated increased expenditures, Medicare determined that these lenses would not be covered by this insurance program, and that patients interested in them can independently pay the cost differential for the upgraded lens. In this way patients have access to the newer technology and can still utilize their health insurance to cover most surgical charges. At this time, most private health insurers have followed Medicare’s lead, adopting very similar policies. Medicare and most commercial insurers have also refused to pay for laser cataract surgery. They allow patients interested in this technique to pay an out-of- pocket upgrade charge.

Today, cataract surgery patients face a set of difficult decisions, beyond the choice of going forward with surgery. After discussion with their ophthalmologist, they must consider the lens implant options and surgical method appropriate for them. This usually involves a decision regarding whether or not to make an out-of-pocket payment. The expense of these technologies can be prohibitive for some. Never the less, the only appropriate person to make this decision is the patient.

Our Practice’s Charges for Advanced Lens Implants

Alcon Panoptix multifocal lens
Johns and Johnson Symfony multifocal lens
Alcon Toric lens for astigmatism

These charges cover necessary pre-operative testing, and post-operative care relating to the implant lens. The refractive outcome will be monitored and addressed as necessary. There is no guarantee of post-operative outcome or absolute independence from the need to use eyeglasses.

Our Practice’s Charge For Laser Cataract Surgery

Utilizing the Alcon Femtosecond Laser

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